What to Do when Your Windshield Breaks

Say you're driving your car and you suddenly hear that all-too-familiar, dreaded "crack" noise. Maybe something flew at your window, or a car in front of you kicked back debris. What if you walk up to your car after a long day at work, and notice that your windshield is broken thanks to some unseen vandal? These are common scenarios, and considering how easy it is for glass windshields to break, it's a shame that most people don't know what to do once their windshield cracks.

This is your guide on how to proceed. From making safety precautions to finding professional windshield repair in New Orleans, here are the steps you should take.

Necessary Repairs

First of all, it's important to note that you should never drive with a broken windshield. If a large crack or gash has compromised your windshield, your car isn't safe to drive. The windshield can break completely while you drive, and your vision will be compromised. Windshield repair is a must if your car has a broken or completely shattered windshield.

While Driving

If your windshield breaks while you're driving, you need to get to a position where you can immediately stop your car. Safely pull over to the nearest safe parking area. If you're on a major highway, exit immediately and pull into the nearest parking lot. If you're on a long, isolated stretch of highway without an exit, pull over to the nearest wide shoulder, or find a service station. If you continue to drive, wind can blow broken glass onto you and other drivers. Debris on the windshield can also break through the glass and hit you.

If your car is far from the nearest windshield repair shop, you may need to contact a towing company, AAA, or another service to get you and your car to safety.

Windshield Replacement

Eliminate Glass

If the glass has broken, you need to clean your car to ensure that no one is cut by any shards of glass. Because the glass is mostly transparent, it can be tough to see all shards and fragments of glass that have broken. Wear thick gloves and vacuum your car, paying special attention to the seats and armrests, as well as components like the steering wheel that you touch with bare hands. If your car has floor mats, remove them and clean them, then clean under them.

Dispose of the glass safely once you're done. You may want to take a damp towel and clean the dashboard near the windshield to prepare it for replacement.

Glass Repair

Next, you need to find a windshield repair specialist. While many auto repair shops do offer windshield glass repair, a glass expert will perform better, faster, and longer-lasting service for a better price.

Get your car safety to a windshield repair specialist, and they'll inspect your windshield, then determine if you need glass repair or a replacement glass pane.

While paying for External link opens in new tab or windowwindshield repair in New Orleans can seem like an inconvenience, it's important to remember that glass doesn't last for ever, and investing in windshield car is a common maintenance task that nearly every driver will have to do at some point in the life of their car. Experts like Empire Auto Glass offer windshield glass at great prices because they know how necessary it is to drive with a clean, even, and intact windshield.